Monday, 28 March 2011


O by Anonymous. This story covers the 2012 American presidential campaign alluding to Barack Obama as the incumbent President, running for his 2nd term. While it presents the views of the main parties, Democrat and Republican, with brief mentions of the Tea Party, overall the sympathies lie with the Democrats.

The story is written in a journalistic way and the tale of the campaign is interesting and enjoyable as long as the reader accepts the textbook-like style. The political strategies are enlightening and the difficulties of a running a campaign whilst in office are highlighted.

The book club think the development of characters is lightweight with little humour to add colour to the stories. No characters stand out as being particularly likable. Characters such as Walter are confusing, other than, perhaps, as a device to highlight how people can fall by the wayside of friendships. Some of the group were disappointed with the ending, others thought it was appropriate.

Written by Jennifer

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